Here you can you can find a comprehensive list of all the projects I have worked on right here on this page

I have a passion for building things, not only to stay engaged and occupied but also to continuously learn and develop new skills

  • Groupe Actual

    Groupe Actual

    Product Manager


    Led development of time-saving app for temporary workers, automated contracts, managed payroll.

  • Music Data Studio

    Music Data Studio

    Product Manager UX


    Led development of intuitive festival management tool at, enhancing operational effectiveness.

  • Saatchi And Saatchi - Publicis

    Saatchi And Saatchi - Publicis

    Product Manager


    Directed technical projects at Saatchi and Saatchi, Europe's top personal services provider.

  • Fluidra


    Product Manager Mobile App & Aftercare

    2019 - 2021

    Led Blue Connect app development at Fluidra EMEA, optimized UX/UI, pioneered support initiatives.

  • La Plaine Image

    La Plaine Image

    Mentor Musictech

    2021 - 2024

    Mentored music and mobile app projects at Plaine Images, providing technical support and strategic guidance for market impact.

  • Dour Festival

    Dour Festival

    Manager Photographer Team

    2003 - 2023


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